The unavoidable free ebooks

1# Moz-The-Beginners-Guide-To-SEO
by Moz

moz ebook basics seo

Details: 52 pages – 2015 – PDF

This ebook is the perfect one for every person who desire to start learning the founding principles of SEO. This ebook is split between 10 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: How search engines operate
  • Chapter 2: How people interact with search engines
  • Chapter 3: Why search engine marketing is necessary
  • Chapter 4: The basics of search engine friendly design & development
  • Chapter 5: Keyword research
  • Chapter 6: How usability, user experience & content affect search engine rankings
  • Chapter 7: Growing popularity and links
  • Chapter 8: Search engine tools and services
  • Chapter 9: Myths & misconceptions about search engines
  • Chapter 10: Measuring & tracking success

This resource stresses out all the basics you should know about SEO.

2# 17 SEO miths you should left behind in 2015
by Hubspot

free ebook to perform your seo

Details: 25 pages – 2015 – PDF

SEO is constantly evolving. Something that was true in 2013 can still be but some points can have changed. With Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and the others updates, something you can read on the top search engines results can be outdated and wrong. This ebook presents 17 myths that are still running the Internet and habits that should be abandonned by SEOs. Here is how this ebook is composed:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • SEO myths 2015
  • Conclusion
  • Resources

You however need to fill out some informations before getting access to the document.

The practicals free ebooks

3# SEO – The Past, Present, and Future
by Rebecca Churt

rebecca church

Details: 22 pages – 2014 – PDF

This ebook is a quick overview of the SEO state of play and its history. It also offers tips for the future and points of development. Bonus of this one: the author shares a Keyword Development Worksheet to help you out with your business or website keywords development.

The document is split between 5 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The basics
  • Chapter 2: Back in the day
  • Chapter 3: Today
  • Chapter 4: The future of SEO
  • Chapter 5: Resources

As the previous one, this guide is available for free in exchange of some professional information.

4# The SEO Survival Guide
by Weidert Group

free seo ebooks to get

Details: 18 pages – 2014 – PDF

This ebook is pretty qualitative since it draws many fields of the SEO discipline. It thus explains the right way to settle an SEO strategy that correspond to your global marketing goals. But it also focuses on search engines, content creation, public relation and even social media. Actually, this ebook is divided between the following categories:

  • Introduction
  • Search Engine Research
    • Search Engine Algorithm Bias
    • Adapting Your SEO Strategy to Search Engine Updates
    • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation
    • Creating Optimized Content
    • Optimizing Content for SEO and the Web
  • Link Building
    • 75% of SEO Depends On It
    • Geographic SEO
  • Social Strategy
    • Social Media
    • Public Relations

The website asks for a few informations to dowload the ebook for free.

#5 SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2015
by Hobo

free ebooks to improve seo knowledges

This ebook is directly available on the Hobo website.

That resource is a classic for people starting to work in the SEO industry. It has solid references and is kept up to date every year. Even if for SEO experts this might be too light, it is still a good one to keep in mind for marketers or beginners. The guide is split into the following parts:

  • What is SEO?
  • An Introduction
  • The ‘Rules’
  • Opportunity
  • The Process
  • What Is A Successful Strategy?
  • Google Rankings Are In Constant Ever-Flux
  • Relevance, Authority & Trust
  • Ranking Factors
  • Learn SEO Basics….

The specialized free ebooks

6# How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines
by Brian Clark

seo ebooks free

Details: 52 pages – 2014 – PDF

This ebook goes throught content optimization in terms of visitor’s engagement but also in terms of SEO. Even if this guide hasn’t done much effort on its design, it delivers interesting informations about the way you should write for both your readers and search engines.

  • Part 1: Wait … Isn’t SEO Dead?
  • Part 2: Search Engines Send the Most Valuable Traffic
  • Part 3: How do search engines work?
  • Part 4 : SEO copywriting is the “last mile” to targeted search rankings
  • Part 5: And if you ignore this SEO stuff?
  • Part 6: Traffic has to convert, or why bother?
  • Part 7: The 5 essential elements of search engine keyword research
  • Part 8: How to create cornerstone content that Google loves
  • Part 9: The Two Huge Benefits Cornerstone Content Provides
  • Part 10: Content + Promotion = Links and Sharing
  • Part 11: Five areas to focus on for effective SEO copywriting
  • Part 12: Five SEO copywriting elements that matter
  • Part 13: Does writing for people work for SEO?
  • Part 14: How to make SEO copywriting simple
  • Part 15: Scribe makes SEO copywriting and content marketing simple
  • Part 16: Scribe 4.0: Way Beyond SEO
  • Part 17: Three Simple Steps to Content Marketing Success
  • Part 18: Scribe for WordPress, Microsoft Word, or Web-Based App
  • Part 19: See Scribe For Yourself

You must create a free account to get a full access to this content.

#7 Keyword Research: A Real-World Guide
by CopyBlogger

seo ebooks about keywords

Details: 37 pages – 2014 – PDF

Copyblogger is a must when it is about content and SEO. That’s why this ebook is a reference to improve your keywords related knowledges. This guide will help you understand how to research keywords and how to pick the right ones. You need to create a free account to get an access to this resource but I think it worths it.

Here is how the ebook is divided:

  • Part 1: Keyword Research: It’s Not What You Think
  • Part 2: How to Choose a Profitable Niche
  • Part 3: How to Find Content Topics That Score Big Using Keyword Research
  • Part 4: Keyword Research Can Help You Make Money
  • Part 5: A Primer on Keyword Research Tools