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David Wilson about cphserv.com
I have had mone taken from my account without my permission!! £37.45, £35.96, £35.77, £34.44 and more.. I need a refund ASAP or i will report it. Thank you
checkvilVep about 1777pp.com
i am Checkvil. This i my login on this forum. it is good ? :)
HM Emerson about shyewe.com
I have been charged 3 times by this site & have no idea what they represent or what the service is. I want to cancel whatever subscription this is. If you continue to charge my card I will contact the police.
Julio pitanga about dialvisionretail.com
Olá fiz um pedido com vocês e estou tentando receber a devolução do dinheiro pois não gostei do produto. O pedido e #3238 favor resolver essa questão.Hello I placed an order with you and I am trying to get the money back because I did not...
Katie about powerstrongx.com
Please refund my money back on card ending in 5128 for 89.95 USD. This transaction was not authorized and will be taken to the fruad division if not refunded immediately.
Brian Kratzer about bookfunlife.com
Even though it says it is a free membership, once I gave credit card info.(I wondered why.), I see that it is only for a short time and then there will be a reoccurring charge nearing $40.
Richard Parks about livecampay.com
This site deducted money from my checking acct. without my authorization. Please refund my acct. cancel any membership associated with me or my email address.
Susan Thundow about herbi-wellness.com
I want to cancel my order and have refund put back on my credit card please.
Kelly about mymoneymend.com
You have taken money from my account and i want it refunded i dont know who your are!!
DOMENICA about vidsvalue.com
please i need to get in touch with a support
DOMEINICA about vidsvalue.com
hi, about 4 days ago I requested the reimbursement of a sum of money taken from my account illicitly ie 48.73 euros, they told me that the reboot would arrive in 2 days but nothing has arrived yet

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