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Registration: 2017-08-10. Expires: 2018-08-10

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Website’s Current IP: 2606:4700:30::681b:870a. The server for Helpdeskpfrshskn.com's host is located in United States.
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Country: United States
Metropolitan Area: Not defined
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Latitude: 37.751
Longitude: -97.822

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Julie Feehan 2018-10-17 04:09:40
Please explain why you are charging me. I do not know who you are. Please advise why you have charged me: 9/9/18 $131 23/9/18 $132..95 Please credit and do not continue. I expect a reply. Julie Feehan [email protected]
Tracy 2018-10-27 10:37:41 tagged this website as fraud
Can you tell me why you have taken money out of my account?? on the 27 October 2018 for A$140.86 which was NZ$157.40 Regards
Tracy 2018-11-02 03:08:23
I sent you a message on the 27-10-18 asking why you took money out of my account on the 27 -10-18 for A$140.86 which was NZ$157.40, ref # 830075090406. could you get get back to me ASAP with details please
Cheryl Blagojevic 2018-11-08 02:24:05 tagged this website as fraud
I have had two months of charges on my Comonwealth Credit card $144.82 and $141.86 + international transaction fees $4.31 and $4.26 respectively. I have not ordered anything or received anything or requested anything. This is fraud!!
Cheryl Blagojevic 2018-11-08 04:49:22
Please credit my account now. Do not continue. I expect a reply! I will be reporting this to the police it is fraud!
Tracy Hapelt 2018-11-11 04:27:52 tagged this website as fraud
Again another lot of money money removed from my account with out my permission. Please reimburse my account for both amounts ASAP. OR ANSWER YOUR EMAILS AND EXPLAIN.
kevin williams 2018-12-12 01:32:45 tagged this website as scam
Refund all monies since the free offer as it is a scam and I have reported you and your other help deskj the amount is well over $1000. SO STOP NOW
SHARON HALEY 2018-12-13 05:15:22
An amount of $135.03 has been deducted from my account. I have not placed an order and want the money returned to my account or the Australian Federal POlice will be notified to pursue this.
Margrit radburn 2019-01-14 06:55:57 tagged this website as fraud
Did not order anything and have been charged $131 for nothing. Please return this money to my bank, I am not happy with what you have done. I am an aged pensioner and don't have this kind of money.
Leonie Papworth 2019-01-16 21:03:37 tagged this website as fraud
Can you tell me why you are taking money from my credit card. I do not want or know what the product is. Take my credit card details off of your website please as I am having my bank investigate these transactions.
Toreka Wilson 2019-01-19 19:21:57 tagged this website as scam
I have no idea how you stole my money from my acct without my permission please return my money back as my bank is investigating your website and your transaction now..you thief n pathetic fraud etc..
Mila 2019-03-11 17:19:26 tagged this website as scam
I don't know why you take off money from my debit/credit account, twice ,please refund me back
Mila 2019-03-15 01:58:24 tagged this website as scam
I didn't sign up anything,I didn't authorized any payment ,but why you take out money from my account,please stop further payment and refund me
George Abbott 2019-04-02 23:41:17
my order was ship incorrect shipped 4ea. HDTV antennas order 3ea. no signal amplifier and this promotional deal antenna will be return please tell me how
Jane Abassi 2019-05-17 19:50:04 tagged this website as scam
You have taken from my bank £59.99 which I have not given permission to do and I have never heard of your company so please refund this amount back to my accoont.

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j about cdvemt.com
can you return my money? i don’t have any idea where did you get my information. send my money back to me.
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Tom watts and Colin tong stole money. Buyer beware
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We received a fake invoice from this organization.
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My education is Fs.c pre engineering
Vedant Araj about hungrysharkworldgiveaways.top
I want unlimited gems and coins
Julie Hay about dslserv.com
I have never signed up to this site and would like a refund asap
jim amadruto about synergyhousewares.com
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John Coney about ulmtrusterapp.com
Please cease payments of £20.97 payed monthly since January of this year Many thanks John S. Coney
Yoseph about dcmyite.com
Dear,i have interested on your program, so,dear please tell me how i can login on it and what is your relationship with https://www.developmentchannel.tv? Thanksgiving attention
ZeTrapper about lovveli.com
100% Scam. Just a payment system should put you on alert. Pay for every single message create an opportunity for fake account who will try to get as many messages out of you as possible and refuse to meet. Some profiles look convincing but avoid...
ZeTraper about lovveli.com
Website perfectly designed to scam people. You have to pay for every single message you send. Girls will do their best to get as many messages out you and come up with an excuse not to meet you. Never trust that website
Ant about b7cdpay.com
I have no clue what's going on here and how you got my information to pull money out of my account but you best put it back... I made not purchases from you so whatever it is you best return and send my money back
Tom Meighan about paysortassist.com
I have been charged for a product I have not ordered through this website. I want a refund and for no further charges to be made to my account. The last charge for AUD $ 57.42 was made on 4th June but there have been more previously.
Wendy Lopez-Bishop about www.BHMD32.com
Awful! I can't find out a thing on www.BHMD61.com Something screwy is going on. I know it comes from Beverly Hills MD, and I've tried their stuff before and found that it works for me (age 68) pretty darn well. The quality of the website...
David Dominguez about venaws.com
I do not k ow what this is and I want my 39.99 back on my card asap
Sherrill about hermetisefreegift.com
I recently bought the face peel and I'm so happy how my face feels.
Zied about cccam4europe.com
Server management cccam
jeffrey about freegiftgames.com
il be back if this hack is good
PATRICIA BEECHLER about cancercontrolpickup.com
Want to schedule a pick up for donations
Zanele Mlasi about wshgfy.com
Money was debited from my account. I want my money back. I don't know what site is this
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