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Registration: 2017-08-10. Expires: 2018-08-10

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Website’s Current IP: 2606:4700:30::681b:860a. The server for Helpdeskpfrshskn.com's host is located in United States.
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Country: United States
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Latitude: 37.751
Longitude: -97.822

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Julie Feehan 2018-10-17 04:09:40
Please explain why you are charging me. I do not know who you are. Please advise why you have charged me: 9/9/18 $131 23/9/18 $132..95 Please credit and do not continue. I expect a reply. Julie Feehan [email protected]
Tracy 2018-10-27 10:37:41 tagged this website as fraud
Can you tell me why you have taken money out of my account?? on the 27 October 2018 for A$140.86 which was NZ$157.40 Regards
Tracy 2018-11-02 03:08:23
I sent you a message on the 27-10-18 asking why you took money out of my account on the 27 -10-18 for A$140.86 which was NZ$157.40, ref # 830075090406. could you get get back to me ASAP with details please
Cheryl Blagojevic 2018-11-08 02:24:05 tagged this website as fraud
I have had two months of charges on my Comonwealth Credit card $144.82 and $141.86 + international transaction fees $4.31 and $4.26 respectively. I have not ordered anything or received anything or requested anything. This is fraud!!
Cheryl Blagojevic 2018-11-08 04:49:22
Please credit my account now. Do not continue. I expect a reply! I will be reporting this to the police it is fraud!
Tracy Hapelt 2018-11-11 04:27:52 tagged this website as fraud
Again another lot of money money removed from my account with out my permission. Please reimburse my account for both amounts ASAP. OR ANSWER YOUR EMAILS AND EXPLAIN.
kevin williams 2018-12-12 01:32:45 tagged this website as scam
Refund all monies since the free offer as it is a scam and I have reported you and your other help deskj the amount is well over $1000. SO STOP NOW
SHARON HALEY 2018-12-13 05:15:22
An amount of $135.03 has been deducted from my account. I have not placed an order and want the money returned to my account or the Australian Federal POlice will be notified to pursue this.
Margrit radburn 2019-01-14 06:55:57 tagged this website as fraud
Did not order anything and have been charged $131 for nothing. Please return this money to my bank, I am not happy with what you have done. I am an aged pensioner and don't have this kind of money.
Leonie Papworth 2019-01-16 21:03:37 tagged this website as fraud
Can you tell me why you are taking money from my credit card. I do not want or know what the product is. Take my credit card details off of your website please as I am having my bank investigate these transactions.
Toreka Wilson 2019-01-19 19:21:57 tagged this website as scam
I have no idea how you stole my money from my acct without my permission please return my money back as my bank is investigating your website and your transaction now..you thief n pathetic fraud etc..
Mila 2019-03-11 17:19:26 tagged this website as scam
I don't know why you take off money from my debit/credit account, twice ,please refund me back
Mila 2019-03-15 01:58:24 tagged this website as scam
I didn't sign up anything,I didn't authorized any payment ,but why you take out money from my account,please stop further payment and refund me

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Catrina Conn about rightserumcs.com
Please cancel and refund me as I am a single mum with two high needs young people and I’m finding I can not afford it thank you.
Dawn Brennan about svglowsupport.com
Please delete me from your mailing list and refund my money of AU$143.44 as I have not authorised you to take any money from my card account and have not received any product from you. Thanks
Sanzhar Doskeyev about joinpayform.com
Здраствуйте,у меня вопрос - за что вы забрали с моей карты 59,95 $ и еще 29,95$
Jacob Ketchum about logeditpays.com
Cancel whatever account I got on here and refund my money for 41.35$ this is very frustrating cuz that is not me!
Serah Chhay about proeminfodesk.com
Cancel and refund money you have taken without permission!!!!!!
SMAIL Ahmed about trdatm.com
You have taken tow time 39,95 USD out of my bank. Return it immediately. Subscribe me at once..
diana ayson about cremwb.com
Please immediately refund refund the $5.92 you deducted from my account on March 17th
Pauline Sanderson about herbi-direct-health.com
I only wanted a trial of the Purefit Keto capsules and received 5 bottles at the cost of £151.00 instead of the £21.00 I thought. That was on 22nd January 2019. Then I received a bottle of Smart Cleanse Detox capsules of which I had not ordered...
Aaron Cooper about empatosurveys.com
I was doing a survey but when I reached t OK a place they ask me to take a photo of my shoe or foot the website didn't open up to now.
Janice Smithson about firmadermeyes.com
I did not authorize $87.35. And $89.95 to be debited from my account. I am going to report this site, company ...as a scam.
leah kerrigan about elevtscndnct.com
money has been taken from my account without authority$146.77 on the 20 march 2019 and $6.18 on the 7th march i want this amount put back into my account $152.95 i don't know who you are i have never heard of you place money into my...
Natasha about vidsvalue.com
Why are you taking money out of my account??!!! Different amounts on a regular basis??!!
Neijele abo about playzrebate.com
Hi how can I claim my rebate
Xionelyx Méndez about cookingfevhack.life
Thankyou so muchas that a good game
Dean Clement about helpdeskftpwb.com
Please cancel my membership immediately and refund money back to my account. this was not authorised by me. your assistance is greatly appreciated
Dale and Jan Turnley about cancercontrolpickup.com
I have an assortment of women's clothing, (suits, capris, blouses, blazer's, shoes, sweater's and docorative pillows
john kirby about bellabeautycs.com
You have been taking money out of my bank and I want it stopped. I don't know what its for and I want my money back.
Soenyl Tooy about deadtargethack.net
soenyl tooy’s classic boy
Francia Jaramillo about trimbiosystem.com
Realice una compra por este medio y con esta pagina por cierto demasiado cara y supuestamente la entrega era entre 15 y 20 dias y nunca llego. Sera que hay que denciar la pagina por fraude??
Lynda Hannah about bdyufe.com
Please cancel my subscription to your service.
william about homoking.com
amazballs love it best website ever
Adamina about myglowcaresupport.com
19-03-2019, $155.75 has been taken out of my account and & I have not purchased anything product from you for that amount... Release my money back to my account my bank is having you's investigated you dam thieves
Selina Riddle about slncustomer.com
you are a scam company and have stolen from me the amount in all $156.36 my address is 40A Greenacers Drive Kawakawa Far Northland Kawakawa 0210

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