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REJECT REFERENDUM 88 & INITIATIVE 1000 – STOP RACIAL PREFERENCE. STOP INFRINGING VETERAN BENEFITS. This fall, Referendum Measure 88 will be on your ballot. It will be confusing when you see it, because of the way it is worded. Although R-88 will be the title of the ballot entry, you will be voting on whether to accept I-1000 or reject it. When you see the words R-88 and I-1000 on the ballot this fall, vote to reject. Again, reject legalized discrimination in Washington. During the final hours of the 2019 legislative session, the Legislature passed I-1000, an initiative repealing I-200, which banned affirmative action efforts in Washington when it was approved in 1998 by around 60% of Washington voters. I-200 stated: > The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential > treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, > color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public > employment, public education, or public contracting.. WHAT’S THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INITIATIVE 1000 AND REFERENDUM MEASURE 88? I-1000 was passed on the last day of the legislative session in a last minute vote by the WA legislative without any input by voters. Referendum 88 sends I-1000 to the November ballot so WA voters can vote directly on this important issue. Referendum 88 asks: “Should Initiative 1000 be Approved or Rejected?” If you are against racing profiling and want to protect veteran benefits, please vote Supporters of I-1000 claim it will stop discrimination, but in fact this Initiative will lead to new discrimination based on race, sex, Veterans are major victims of I-1000. Under current law, veterans enjoy preferential treatments because of their service to our country. Under I-1000, veterans will be banned from receiving preferential treatment because veteran status would be considered a “sole I-1000 only bans “defined” preferential treatments, which uses “sole factors” (aka only one factor) such as race, sex, color,

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Mary L Ourada about fsboauctions.net
I was taken for $2,000 from this company. It is totally a fake business. If you have been scammed please file a report with the FTC once they receive enough complaints then they will do something about it. Please save others from these scammers.
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Tommy about ygadcn.com
i’ve had them put the money back into my acct only to have them to charge it again the next day... i dont know this site nor did i subscribe to any website... im cancelling my card and reporting this website to the authorities.. and yes i want...
Martin about cebmet.com
I dont know why, My account was charged 48.39 eur, I would like a solution and the money back. Thanks
John Rossano about egymplus.com
I have instructed my bank not repeat not to give you people any money get a damn job quit trying to screw people out of their money.
doug dunlap about newdietnewme.com
I can't get thru to you. your charge of 89.98 is grossly WRONG and I NEED TO HAVE THIS UNSUBSCRIBED IMMEDIATELY!!!!! If this isn't done, I will have to go to the authorities. call me at 302-494-5658 Doug Dunlap
Lynne Graf about davidyurmanexperience.com
Great experience as always!!
Linda Wiley about tryrevival-careplus.com
I did not order anything from you. Please refund my account at my bank for $94.97 & $89.97.I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and my bank if not refunded immediately.

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